whinging and what a dull topic

I did it yesterday at RU about rain. Goes double today. There's some earnest rain at the moment--none of this piddling meh drizzle.

What's the weather like where you are? And don't tell me You're One of Those People who hardly notices the weather and it never affects your temperament. I'll snarl and rip your head off. Unless you live in southern California where there is no weather to notice, and where I couldn't reach you anyway.

mike is in kitchen making pancakes. He just shouted out the door oh for crying out loud, stop, STOP.


  1. At the moment, 8am it is 84 out. The weather guy says it should reach about 110 today. You could send that rain this way. I don't mind, really.

  2. Whine!!
    It's been hot.
    I have no AC.
    The kids are home from school.

    And my garbage smells sour too--I keep cleaning the can, but now the whole kitchen is smelling seaty and rank.

    And it's hot.

  3. okay so we have one kvetching about the rain, two sighing about heat.

    All we need is someone checking in from the southern hemisphere about the cold and maybe a smirking west coast USAer talking about perfect temperatures and we'll have a straight, or a full house or some kind of weather hand.

  4. Cold here, but not much rain really... so we are halfway to a straight or full house! Understandable that it is cold though! It is winter after all!

  5. Annoyingly hot and humid plus a thunderstorm today.

  6. Well, I'm a West Coaster, and the weather here is usually cool in the morning, followed by a sunny mid-70s throughout most of the year. But I _swear_ the weather has been no fun.

  7. and with our European and our upsidedown reader and our west coaster...we did it! we got everyone!

    Oh boy! high fives all around. A full weather report

    Or as soon as I get back from pumping out the basement. Again.

  8. Roasting out here. At least 71, 72. And the sun! Last week, I went to the beach with the boy and forgot to bring a hat, and damn. Damn.

  9. This is late, but it was in the 50s in Scotland, and rain, excuse me, mist, every day. We did see a rainbow once.

    Drink some Scotch; the weather is much better then.


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