my characters are boring me SBD WAS going to be something else

I was going to go on about Mary Balogh's tendency to have a character pretend to be two different people and sleep with their clueless love interest as both people which is a plot device that nearly makes those books wallbangers (and I love MB. She respects her characters, even the ones that don't really deserve her kindness). As a device, it's even more hellacious than the Misunderstanding that can be cleared up with a good long conversation.

but oy, the only writer I can snark is myself. Omifreekinggaaaaack. I do not respect this current crop of inventions. My characters! The people are dull! They are putting me to sleep! I don't know how to get away from their evil boringness! ACCkkkk. Even if I put them in danger, and then double the danger and triple it--boring!

Here's how bad it is: the anonymous passionate whiney writers are far more interesting than these civilized people in my story.

I hate them! (The characters) I want someone to tell me how to make them less boring. Help. Help No, forget telling me. Forget my growth as a writer and all that. Just wave a wand and whammo, they're no longer ZZzzzzzzz material.


  1. Kill them off and invent a new bunch.

    *looks at Tagila* Yes, you're going to die in the next fight if you don't tell me why you're in the book already.

  2. Or e-mail them to me and let me kill them off. Or make them look silly whilst illustrating a writing point.


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