My royalty statement for Somebody to Love tells me TWO THINGS:

1. Not enough of you people are buying the book.

2. Some publisher in Italy did. Mondadori publishers. Anyone heard of it?

Oh boy! Another great cover?!

I immediately started cruising around looking for it, but either it's already come and gone, or it's not up yet. As per usual, if anyone can find and buy a copy of the dang book for me, you win not only the cost of the book (duh) but a pair of Bosnian socks.

The hunt is still on for a copy of Portuguese Somebody to Love and the Dutch Somebody Wonderful. Notice I say "the hunt" rather than "my hunt" -- I gave up months ago.


  1. Don't you get a copy from your publisher?
    I'm supposed to get (notice I say 'supposed to') two copies of my book in Thai...
    But after reading this I wonder if it will ever happen, lol.

  2. The thought is niggling in the back of my brain that Harlequin's Italian branch is called Mondadori. I could very easily be absolutely wrong, though. So don't quote me on this.

  3. I don't know about other readers, but I've checked in three different book stores for Somebody to Love, without I've broken down and ordered it online. It's a vicious circle, I know, can't get shelf space without sales, can't get sales without shelf space...

  4. Kris, I'm pretty sure you're right about that.


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