Definition of success

The newly published author thinks** Yowza!! I Have Succeeded As a Writer!

But then she quickly discovers that people expect her to write and sell MORE books. Okay, that's nice dear; what's next? says the unimpressed world.

And so she goes on a search to discover what on earth constitutes success. Using her knowledge of the published person's secret handshake, she goes straight to those who know these things.

"Five books," is a standard answer. "Once you've got five books out, you're considered established."
"No, more like ten," a well-established author corrects.
"Hell, I've got 25 out and I'm still struggling to get contracts," grouses another.

I think I got my answer today and it's out in the open for anyone published or unpubbed to see. When your worries match PBW's, you can consider yourself a success: Paperback Writer worries about a legacy.


**I vaguely recall thinking this--for five minutes or so.

* * * * *

I know you're dying to know so I'll tell you. Yes, it's raining again hard. Gah.

But I think I can consider myself a success as a blogger because Colin McEnroe actually answered my fan-girl post. Swoon. Figures he'd live in The Rising Star city itself.


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