Good Guy

Forget the champagne, even though tomorrow our marriage is old enough to drink. Rather than just let it pass like last year, I took steps. We're going to celebrate by taking the kids to see Pilobolus next week.

but honestly?

I'm in love with husband again because he's just a Really Good Guy. His automatic response to crises that involve disease is to do research. Fire up the old internet and start reading those scientific papers. A kid friend was just diagnosed with one of those newfangled problems** and he's already on the net. The kid's Mom thinks it would help if Mike would talk to the family about what he finds, so he will.

It's just nice that he's helping them, is all. I like my husband a lot***. No matter what he does or says on this particular anniversary, including forgetting it entirely, I'm still glad*** that I married him.


** celiac disease.
***this week.


  1. We both have a problem remembering our anniversary, since we eloped however many years ago. Often the day comes and goes, like it did this year, and neither of us remembers.

    One year I was at a end-of-year preschool dinner, and the teacher was talking about celebrating her 20th. I told them about how we always forget ours, and then someone said, when is it? "May 23rd...TODAY!" I said.

    When I went home and told my husband, he didn't get it either, until I got right to the punch line.

    Moral of the story, if you elope, write down the date somewhere.

  2. Now that is the best anniversary story EVER. It's fantastic


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