Congrats, neighbor!

Remember my neighbor who wins Emmys? (it's on that page somewhere. I can't figure out how to link to old articles directly)

Anyway. He won again and is going to get the statue this time, along with the "goody bag." I'm planning on bribing him with a beer -- I'll go to his house with a camera and take a picture of me clutching the statuette. Then I'll post it somewhere on one of my webpages without comment. That way it won't be a lie, you know? I also hope to paw through his goody bag and take an inventory for us.

It's SBD. I'm feeling ickety so if I post I'm sure it'll be a whine. Oh boy! Something for all of us to look forward to. As Grouchy Marx says, I have to be here but there's no reason you have to stay.


  1. I remember the post where you talked about that.

    I'll be looking for an update on the goody bag!


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