you'll have to BEG me next time

Ta da!
Well, I thought it was a fun idea, she grumbles.

And the entries I did get were pretty great, every one of them for once. But the thing about the winner is that she managed to get a sense of the subject in her story. Fiction, yes, but like all good fiction, containing that essense of Truth.

It's no use bellowing like that, Doug. MM is the winner.

MM-- email me (use the link at the top of the page) and tell me what size shoe you wear so I can send socks. I'll need a snail mail address too, but it's worth letting me know where you live, MM. I recently got an email from a woman who wants to drive two hours just to look at these socks, so we're not talking your ordinary footwear. I still owe some to Sam, too. Drat, I'm bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, due to low turn out, y'all will have to beg me to run another contest. Sniff, pout. I'm gonna take my ball--and socks--and go sulk at home.


  1. Congratulations MM! Trust me, the sox will be worth Kate being able to stalk you :)

  2. Ack! I have been writing the epic Christmas, New Years, Three Kings Day Letter and all the while this guilt has been tormenting me! Contests over holiday weeks are cruel, I tell you. Cruel!

    I am STILL working on the annual letter.

    Worse, I just got an email from a fan asking when in 2006 the next book will be out because she is setting up her calendar for the year and does not want to miss it. The pressure! Clearly I will just have to print off a copy and mail it to her as soon as it's done. As I have no intention of returning to the publishing grind anytime soon.

    But none of those things equal the angst of not entering your contest in time.

    I suck. And its only January 2nd.


  3. Yay, Maureen! Kate, why should I bellow? The winning entry had ME as its subject.

    You know what they say . . . as long as they spell my name right ;o)

  4. contratulations to the winner! (hey, I entered that sucker)

    Kate, email me, chick - I just committed you to something...sort of. Wasn't sure which email addy to use. (also left you a note in Belfry to get hold of me - I'm on messenger, just invisible, if you'd rather reach me that way)

  5. oh ME. Okay, sure I'll come find you, Lynn.

    HEY FERFE, you're rocking, though. I just checked out RT and there you are! Who cares about sox or contests when there's RT?

    and . . .
    Damn, I adore you, Doug. I know I'm not alone. I accept that there's a long list of your women admirers--and that always sexy Ofjoshua has to be one, too I bet.

  6. Who is Ofjoshua? A fan I don't know about?

    I'm freakin' over here because I Blogger won't let me post. Fortunately, someone named shelbi posted a comment at my place that she's getting the same error message I'm getting -- so I'm hoping it's Blogger that has its head up its ass, and not, um, me.

    But, damn. I had a post ready to go for Balls & Walnuts and Wax, Boogers, and Phlegm.

  7. Congrats mm!
    That was a great post!
    I won't forget about the sock, lol. But being a writer, I have learned patience. As my husband always says, "Waiting is 50% of the pleasure..."
    OK, he's wierd.

  8. Thanks! I feel a bit guilty, given the story was supposed to be made up, and mine was so transparently true. Writing about Doug was an easy choice. He's much like my son--he doesn't care what you say as long as you're talking about him.


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