Cough Sniffle. Warning: MORE self pity

The cold turned into an ear and sinus infection. I have the horse pill antibiotics but they haven't kicked in yet.

The unexpected-snow-day boys are still deliriously happy and whooping and hollering and inciting the dogs to bark. There's a wrestling match taking place--a king of the mountain game involving the big exercise ball. As usual, it'll All End In Tears. In the meantime, I'm off to lock myself into the bathroom because it's the only room in the house with a working lock.


  1. Me too! We've had a few cold fronts blow through here in South Florida and one of them left me with a head cold. You know we're not used to these 40 degree lows! I feel your pain, Kate. Feel better!

  2. Get Well Soon!
    (so original, isn't it?)

  3. thanks Sam!

    And Millenia? Forty degrees? We in New England scoff at such high temperatures (and cough, too)

    Yes, there might be a trace of envy in our sneers. what of it?

  4. I have a friend whose bathroom door has one of those signs which says, in part, "Mommy will return. Do not bang on the door while Mommy is inside. Do not slide notes under the door. Do nto waggle your fingers under the door. She knows you are there and will return, when she's ready. Unless blood is leaking from your ear, put a bandaid on it until Mommy returns." Etc.

    I must draft one for myself.

  5. Damn it, write for your audience! What's the name of the antibiotic? I have to know!

    . . . Just want to make sure your doctor doesn't have craniorectal inversion vis a vis antibiotic choice.

  6. cefuroxime..giant cerulean blue horse pills that leave a nasty aftertaste no matter how much liquid I use to wash 'em down.

    Hmmm. I don't think the doctor has her head up her ass, but it's nice to have a second opinion.

  7. oh and suisan, I don't need make signs. The kids mark the scary territory for each other.

    I should scan all the signs the kids have put on my door. "warning monsetr inside" "do not open if shouting" and my favorite "mom before she's had her coffeee"

  8. Ceftin (cefuroxime axetil) is a good choice. I'm happy, even if you aren't.


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