the blog makes my heart hurt

no, it's not acid you wiseacres. It's mother fear--heartache for other mothers.

I couldn't figure out why until I realized that this person writing about the war (he's also on my "blogs I read" list) sounded a hell of a lot like my 15-year-old boy and his friends. I'm not exactly sure what I mean--the words they choose? The things they notice? My kid and this guy share that voice of the young. I know, I know. The Morris guy's got to be in his 20s at least. But still. . .
I look at my kid who isn't shaving yet but has that shadow happening. Those people fighting and dying are just about his age. Only a couple of years difference. Jeeebus. Far too easy to see the kids I know there now.

And then I look at the refugees I work with. And the babies with that blank look on their faces. . .Oh Lordy Lord. I do wish some mother would be able to back George Bush into a corner and let go. Not Cindy Sheehan. Her anger has turned into something else. I keep envisioning the betrayed anger Oprah let loose on James Frey**. Only more so.


**For anyone who missed The Daily Show take on the contrast between the media going after Frey and going after Bush--go watch it once it's available. I woke my husband up last night to force him to watch.I'd link to it, but it's not up yet.


  1. I didn't know that Americans weren't afraid to write bad shit about Bush on their blogs.

    Aren't you afraid he's reading it and making a "to be interrogated" list (read: to be sodomized list)????????

    I know I'm paranoid (kidding, sort of)

  2. I'm not laughing, Reese. I'm hesitant to say anything bad about the current administration for fear of being denied entrance into the States.
    And this is coming from an outsider looking in at what's happening to your country.


  3. Not MY country, dude. I live in one of the countries in the American empire. You know, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada ...

  4. so does X! Maybe you guys know each other?

    I should have guessed what with those extra u's you use, reese.

  5. Katie,

    Sorry, it just occurred to me (about 4 hours later) that it's rude of me to pop over to your blog and say disrespectful things about your fine President. Probably not my place to blag about politics on your blog. Sorry.

  6. ::::ssssnoooortttt::::

    Whoal wait a sec, I have to haul myself back up from the floor. I fell off my chair laughing.

    You feel free to come over to my blog and insult any politician you like. Extra credit points for George W Bush, worst ever.

    (Yes, I know that author was right. Don't discuss your politics or religion or you'll disgust your fans.

    But I think I'd burst if I held back so it's them or me in this case.)

  7. hey Katie,

    I used to go out with a guy, ages ago, who was Canadian, like me, but who (stupidly) joined the American Marines at the outbreak of the first Gulf war. He was in Kuwait for one tour, or something like that.

    Anyway, this guy wasn't able to keep an erection for more than about 5 seconds, and he was convinced it was because of chemicals he was exposed to during the war. His friends from the Marines were young, but were starting to dtop like flies about a year after they returned from Kuwait (from weird, undiagnosable diseases).

    Anyway, that guy was a drag, but I felt pretty sorry for him.



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