speaking of effluvium

If you're not into politics, then consider it comedy. The Onion couldn't do better, except the guy is serious. This new word he invents, homosexualization, is pure genius. The gist (not jist, dammit)? Ya can't fight Islam when you have gay cowboys as part of your culture. The manly men are weakened. My comment to the admiring general: Best manly men line of thinking since the "precious bodily fluid" schtick in Dr. Strangelove.

I think I should one should ease into Longman's (snicker. Longman. snicker) article. Start with The General's link.

You go ahead. I'm going to the store to buy milk, more Kleenex and fancy-pants "he" soap for today's new washing maching. The workday is shot for me anyway--midterms at school mean I've got a boy around.


  1. Hey, all homosexualization aside, I have one of those new "fancy pants' washing machines which insists that it needs "HE" detergent.

    It doesn't.

    Just use a little less of the regular stuff to avoid a "suds" cycle.

    (Isn't it great to have your own washer again?) Feel Better!


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