what was the subject again?

Who cares? Smart bitches and RTB and Karen and all are wading in with lots of great squawking and carrying on about Amazon reviews and each other and previous events.

It makes me all warm and happy and reminds me of the days when I used to have real conversations with actual people. That sort of thing gets me so nostalgic. I even drank a beer to get the full flavor of being in a bar, ferfe.

But on to a more serious subject: are you people really that ignorant? Yet another so called "educated" person claimed not to know about Archy and Mehitabel. Get yourselves to the bookstore because yeah, a lot of Don Marquis's stuff is on the web and yeah, the socio-political world of his era is long dead. . . but don't you want to have a copy around to impress your next date? I thought so. Nothing will impress him/her more than poems by a guy pretending to be a cockroach. Trust me on this one.

what I want in my obituary: (a verse from the song of mehitabel, the alley cat)

i know that i am bound
for a journey down the sound
in the midst of a refuse mound
but wotthehell wotthehell
oh i should worry and fret
death and i will coquette
there s a dance in the old dame yet
toujours gai toujours gai


  1. All that squawking was rather interesting to watch (from afar)
    I'm still trying to distance myself from any reviews at all. I don't think they affect sales Like Ann Jacobs said one day, "my worst rated books are often my best sellers" - well, it's true for me too. My absolutely worst reviewed book is my best seller - (go figure.) SO... speaking from bitter experience...a terrible review does not translate into terrible sales.
    So all that fuss is rather incomprehensible for the enlightened.

  2. Hey, I probably wouldn't have even bothered commenting if MJD hadn't made 'that' remark. Anyway, I've totally moved on from the whole discussion, it was all beginning to get on my nerves.

  3. Karen--the whole thing brought you traffic though!

    I don't know, Sam. There are negative reviews and then there are omigod reviews.

    I've gotten some nasty reviews and they can be hurtful the way flaming emails can be. You KNOW you don't want to pay attention to them. You KNOW they're not worth the energy of thinking about them. On the other hand, they haunt you. Hate and/or nasty mockery just brings me to the state of an unpopular girl in 6th grade -- ie the absolute most inner circle of hell.

    The negative ones that really rumple my rear are the ones that are reasonable -- and strike you as right. Ack! Oh no! The damn book is in print! It's too late!

    The negative ones that don't bother me at all are the ones that are reasonable but who state an opinion I don't agree with. There are people who didn't like my first heroine for instance. (and my second one, whom I liked even more, really annoyed the heck out of Karen. Will I loathe Karen if she tells the world how much she didn't like Araminta? Not even a little bit.)

    Maybe if I were rewriting the books, I'd do some changes, probably clarification stuff, but nothing huge. This third kind of negative review is interesting but not emotionally devastating.

  4. "Karen--the whole thing brought you traffic though!"

    Very True Kate, very true.

  5. I've gotten some really nasty reviews, and some reviews that made me want to bang my head on the floor (or the reviewer's head, but she was too far away)
    Then I finally realized it wasn't gettting me anywhere to dewell on them, think about them...or pay any attention to them. They are opinions uttered by someone who has the right to utter their own opinion, no matter what the reason.
    So I just got over it.
    (Biting the inside of my cheek and tongue as hard as I can....LOL)


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