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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about KATE

1. I went to Camp Rim Rock for three years. Oh, how I loathed that third year. I still remember the Cherokee Unit song "We're the unit on the mountain, you can always hear us shoutin' " and I sing it to annoy my kids.

2. I enjoy annoying my kids.

3. I shoplifted once and it was by accident. I told a lot of lies but never stole anything--on purpose.

4. I love wasting time with this sort of thing.

5. The only two movies I ever walked out on: Grease and some movie staring the happy hooker, Xaviera Hollander. I think I left the happy hooker movie because my boyfriend wanted to. Or maybe I really was disgusted? I'm not sure. We were waaay young.

6. I spent four years working as an artist's model (part-time). It was okay work, but I made more money working in a bar.

7. I wouldn't model nude any more. Not even for my artist friends. Especially for them. Ewk.

8. I have many recurrent dreams about two houses. It's been more than a decade since I've seen either house. In the dreams I always think or say, "Hey, this time it isn't a dream."

9. I owe all sorts of people letters, but I don't think I owe anyone money. The bank, yes. People, no. I hope?

10. I traveled a lot when I was young. I went to Denmark when I was 14, Germany and Checkoslovakia when I was 16, Russia when I was 17 (that time I went with my mother) I don't remember thanking my parents for footing all those trips' bills. Too late now!

11. Every Christmas for six years, my family would go somewhere warm, often to visit Cousin Benjy who lived on St. Barts before St. Barts became Entirely Trendy--it was definitely starting to creep into TrendLand that last year. One year, we landed next to a plane that had crunched, nose first, into the hill. When we left, the plane was still there. I loved that place but wouldn't go back, even if I had the funds.

12. My parents took us somewhere warm to avoid Christmas because my aunt was killed by a drunk driver just before Christmas and, after that, my mother wanted to run away from the holiday every year.

13. I haven't left the USA in more than 20 years. The last time I went overseas, it was to take care of a sick friend in England. I was too young and clueless to know I had no idea how to help. Other than getting into a minor traffic accident, I did an okay job. That damn hedge jumped out at the car, really.

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  1. I live to annoy my kids..LOL its in the job description..
    My youngest (is now 3 years old) she tells me that i'm ridiculous only it doesnt come out anywhere near sounding like ridiculous..

    my 13 are up..

  2. I love to annoy my kids too.
    Very relaxing.
    I'm trying to figure out the thiursday thirteen thingy...
    Will join. I join everything. I'm a joiner.

  3. You annoy us? I can annoy u by looking at u. U may be good, but I am the master!
    Also, never mention that u were an artist's model. Ever. Again. I will be traumatized.
    Why cant I go to Europe?
    Beware, for now I shall annoy you more, to regain lost honor.


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