Could it be nepotism? 83!

Mrs. G gave me an 83!

Mrs. Giggles's review of Futurelove

For those who think 83 isn't great shakes: go to Mrs. G's site and you'll see how rare the higher numbers are--although she's been handing out more 80-90s lately. She's mellowing in her old age, perhaps?

I really didn't think Futurelover was her sort of story, and I wonder if she likes it in part because I announced far and wide (and to her) that she gave me the idea.

and damn straight--the story Futurelove was inspired by her virginal hero passage in this rant. How could anyone NOT read that passage about the sexually clueless hero and not get inspired? I get a fit of the giggles every time I read that selection from her Very Bad Romance Novel.

Anyway. It kills me that my story got a grade almost as good as Bone Deep, which is my favorite book of the last couple of months (and I've already read a lot of books lately. Boys' time off = Kate's reading time).

For what it's worth, Somebody Wonderful** got a 72 from Mrs. G, which again, is not bad. She gives a lot of my favorite writers--like Mary Balogh-- crummy numbers. Like any rabid fangirl who's touched by a story, I sometimes consider bitch-slapping people who are rude about it. (Or maybe give them The Cut Direct, since we're talking regency era stuff). But I don't foam at the mouth about Mrs. G. She's too damned funny when she really rips into a book or a genre or anything else.


** notice I don't link to her review for that book? Here. Um. Look at these reviews instead.


  1. You got 83 from Mrs Giggles??


    Well done! I'm definitely going to have to get your book.

  2. That is great news!!!!
    How did she get your book?? You are brave if you sent it to her!!!!
    Anyhow, Whoo Hooo!!!
    Use the quotes!


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