Amor Clandestino

This is interesting. . .I didn't know I'd been translated into Portugese.

Araminta sabia que não seria vista com bons olhos nos círculos sociais que Griffin freqüentava. Ela não sabia como nem onde buscaria forças para recuar... mas jamais aceitaria menos do que o amor incondicional do homem por quem se apaixonara perdidamente!

What are those two doing snogging in the country? I think they never leave NY.

Anyone know how to search these pages for authors?


  1. That's very cool! I'm jealous, although, how they would translate one of my books into another language boggles the mind. . .

    Isn't tomorrow your big day??? Or should I say Summer's?

  2. now that trip to Brazil is a must....congrats Kate....nanza

  3. How come they've translated it into Portugese, but not into Australian yet?? I want to see your book in our shops so I can stand beside it and force unsuspecting people to look at it.

  4. Sorry, but in Estonian there is still none of your books. If you like to look other authors, you can look this way:
    Example above looks every author beginning with 'hart', so replace with your favourite surname or just the beginnig of it.


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