Today's Fab Web Find

Small Ads from the UK. I don't know-- is it a site or a blog? Scroll down and read them all .


  1. Haha, i'm reading ur blog! PWNED

  2. I'm quite partial to "Incurable romantic, seeks filthy whore," myself.

    Sometimes nothing's better than the truth. *g*

  3. Incurable romantic seeks filthy whore.

    That is so me, it chokes me up.

  4. "incurable romantic" was priceless, but the last one was also note-worthy.

  5. They are all joke ads created by one of our comedians Jimmy Carr (aka 'Pimp' Jimmy) for a t.v. show he did recently over here.

    It's worth mentioning though, that he did actually put them into real newspapers, as part of the joke was to see if anyone actually responded to the ad's or if the people taking them down for insertion questioned them in any way.


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