Endangered Satire

Uh oh. Mel's in trouble. Our man Mel Gibson is being threatened by some dude with the same name:

I am litigation counsel to Mel Gibson. It has come to our attention that you are operating a purported "Mel Gibson Blog" at http://www.melgibsonsblog.blogspot.com. On behalf of Mr. Gibson, I demand that you immediately cease and desist any further use of Mr. Gibson's name, likeness, or persona[...] Under California Law, the appropriation of any persons name, voice, likeness, etc., commercially or otherwise, is actionable in a suit for damages[...]To avoid litigation over this clear violation of Mr. Gibson's rights, please cease the operation of this blog immediately and confirm the same to me no later than 5 p.m. tomorrow, PST.

Clearly Mel touched a nerve.

UPDATE: Hey, look--we're all Mel on this boat. I'd mess with my blog and turn into Melvina, I suppose, but Bec would have to rescue me.


  1. Hey, I know: maybe you can write an Ann Coulter blog! Have her get all gooey over Scott McClellan. Stuff like that.

  2. Will the real Mel Gibson please stand up?
    Oh, you are standing up.
    Sorry. I thought you were still sitting down...
    Do you think he uses boxes in the shots so he's almost the same height as everyone else?


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