happy release day!

No, I'm not getting out of jail. This book is available today. I glanced at the text and at once picked out the dreaded Repeated Word. Ack! No! I thought I'd found it! I thought there was only One Per Book! But I'm hoping it's just nerves. Does this book make me look fat?

For a short time, until I can figure out how to change the page, the excerpt at Summerdevon.com is not PG-13. Let that be a warning to you. (Sorry, it's not particularly hot. Hardly seems fair, does it.)

blurb: Time-travel agent Collins is preparing for a routine assignment to the past when rebels kill his commander and force him back in time, unprepared. With no sex-suppression drugs and incomplete training, he’s stranded in a strange old world.

Candy was almost resigned to her humdrum life until a man in a strange black get-up dropped onto her park bench. If he wasn’t gorgeous, and wounded, she might listen to her common sense and run. But curiosity and kindness have always been her weaknesses, and the fact that this guy rouses her long-dormant libido doesn’t hurt, either.

Overwhelmed by the novel sensation of lust, Collins can’t resist Candy’s sensual sweetness. But every fevered joining of their bodies breaks the stringent laws to which he’s sworn allegiance. Being trapped in the past is bad enough. Committing carnal crimes with an irresistible 21st century indigenous could destroy his future—and hers.

I think someone else wrote the blurb. I really can't recall, which is a bad sign for my brain.

No, I wasn't thinking of smart bitches Candy when I named the heroine. I got the name from two sisters I knew in high school who were called Cookie and Candy. Really.


  1. Congrats!!

    Cookie and Candy? As Willy Wonka would say, "Ew."

    Course I went to school with a guy named Huey, whose little brother was Louie. And when their mom had another child when Huey was in fifth grade they named him Dewey. (And this also bothered me--so many things do--if you're going to go out on a limb and name your children after a group of ducks, wouldn't it be a good idea to get the order right?)

    But anyway--congratulations on your release! (You need bus fare?)

  2. Yay for you, you multi-published, multi-format author, you!

    Will go get the book later, when child does not need to be picked up from school.

  3. Yay - and it's payday today, too. I might just have to take a trip to the Cave ;-) Ann's Quickie Miss Behavior is out, too.

  4. Obviously someone needs to slap me upside the head with a clue-by-four... am I to understand that this Summer Devon personage is also your very good self?

  5. This is such a cute read, Kate. Glad to see it's finally out!

  6. thanks guys!
    yeah, Kitty, I'm Summer. I don't intend to be so very cutesy coy but the whole Summer Devon thing really doesn't feel like it's me. It's very weird. I'm very weird. No, she is.

  7. Sometimes I'm so dense you could drop me in the dead sea and I'd sink.

    Congrats btw :)

  8. Cookie and Candy--not so far off from Honey and Candy, which is what the dynamic Tan sisters were named.

    Man. Chinese parents, I tell you.

    I definitely have to read this book now.

    Also, will get crackin' on ad when I get home tonight. Sorry I was lame and left before I could come up with a smokin' memory about Doug. I'll come up with one and post it anyway, even though it's way too late.

  9. Congrats on the new release Kat..er Summer 8-D

  10. Candy? "Sensual sweetness"? Oy vey, I think I'm gonna read this?

    Does it have the buttsecks?

  11. no buttses. I did one scene once with the buttsecks--but took it out. All the way out, I mean. The santorum, don't you know.


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