doug steps into the twilight zone

Luminaries visit his blog and mm takes off her clothes. But I'm still waiting for a visit for some real names. Like what about Henry Kissinger? He's got time on his hands now he's retired. Or John Wayne--he's got nothing but time, not sure about the hands.

Ah blogs.


  1. I assure you, young lady, that I am far busier now that I am retired than I was when I was securing peace in former French Indochina.

    Now will you please provide me with details of this "Doug". I feel a clandestine operation coming on.

  2. Henry, you are yesterday's news, a footnote to history. Take your paranoia into the padded white room where it belongs.

  3. It could be argued that while Mr. K is an egomaniacal war criminal at least he. . . er. . . exists.

    And lest I insult any guest to my blog, I'd like to point out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being an actor or an imaginary character with supernatural powers (who will no doubt turn out to be a hero since we always have those twists in JKR's books)

  4. Do not doubt my heroism. That harridan Rowling has been telegraphing it from book one.

  5. I had thought that Professor Snape, of all people, would know the truth about me. I am Lord Voldemort. I believe that you will learn that I am the hero that Miss Rowling has been telegraphing.

    Go back to your stinking liquids, schoolmaster.


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