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Parents later.
First we get Whine Part Deux.

I'm on antibiotics and was told "if you don't feel better in 3 days, call."
Day's the third day and I don't feel better. I called and left a message.
Several hours later:

Dr's office: Hello Kathy? This is Doc M's office. We can call in a prescription for ceftin if you're not allergic to it.
Kate: Nope, I'm not allergic so that's okay. Wait a sec. [picks up bottle stares at the cerfuroxime--the label has tiny print that says "generic for ceftin"] No, wait--I'm on ceftin.
Office: We can call it in to any pharmacy in town.
Kate: No, I'm already on ceftin. I don't need more.
Office: Then what's this note saying you needed an antibiotic? It says ceftin.
Kate: I'm on ceftin. It doesn't seem to be working.
Office: You haven't given it enough time.
Kate: I've been taking it enough time to contract a raging yeast infection.
Office: It doesn't happen that fast. One day isn't enough time.
Kate: It's been three days. I can wait longer but I was told to call back in three and--
Office:I have to have Doc M call you.

Several hours later:
The office is now closed.

Actually I'm not sure this should go in the self-pity category--this is mostly for eyerolling purposes. Advil and Kleenex take care of the worst symptoms.


  1. I left this long reply, but blogger was down :(

    Gotta go shopping. Here's the short version:

    1. 3 days -- too short for the thumbs up thumbs down.
    2. 3 days -- plenty of time for yeast infection.
    3. Diflucan is your best friend.
    4. Afrin is also your best friend, but make sure you read AND PAY ATTENTION TO the warnings not to use it longer than three or four days. Read the label.
    5. Drink lots of liquids. I'm serious.
    6. Steam your face over a hot sink and/or take lots of hot showers. It helps.

    Gotta run.

  2. DAY-UM.
    You're good.
    Dr Drive-by Doug Does the Job.

    Where do I send my co-pay?

  3. Bummer, Kate. Feel better!

  4. Sending "feel better" vibes your way.

  5. My favorite nasal drainage color: brilliant orange. It came out of ME. I often think that I should have cultured it; I know what makes for a lime green mucus (Pseudomonas) but I have no idea what makes bright orange.

    Just thought I'd share.

  6. My favorite color drainage I ever saw was light blue, and it came out of a leg wound. Luckily, not mine. Smelled like tortillas, too, oddly enough. Can you diagnose that one, Dr. Doug?

    Kate, feel better soon... or feel worse soon. Either way, figure out whether that's the right antibiotic and go get some Monostat.

  7. I know the answer: Ichor. Your patient and Doug's nose? Greek Gods or aliens. You take your pick.


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