I HATE washing machines, ALL of them

hate hate hate hate hate. Worse'n my opinion of Bill O'Reilly, more'n I dislike the dog next door (the one that bit my son and my dog), greater than my loathing for early rising, stronger than my aversion to flavored coffee . . . is my hatred of washing machines.

The pie is piled higher and at the top are the broken washers. . .WHEEEEE! CRASH.

New machine needs a new control panel. Good byeeeee, new machine! Hello, laundromat.


  1. One day I'll fill you in on the time I was 8 and a half months pregnant and faced a broken washer with a king sized quilt in it. For reasone which are complex and apparently need their own space and time on my own blog, I had to move the dryer out on the back porch and move the washer too. While I was pregnant.

    It still lives in my memory as a day of horror.

    Laundromats are OK if you can bring a book and some knitting, and if you can go without dragging along a child who is likely to get bored. There is the added bonus of being able to get four hundred loads done simultaneously, which can be nice.

  2. I answered your buggery questions over at the blog.

    Oops! My bad. Boogery.

  3. Thursday Thirteen at my place. Woo hoo! Parrrrteeee!

  4. I feel your pain, Kate. Our septic tank is messed up [I think it needs to be pumped, but who knows] and causing all sorts of wonderful problems here.

    When we run the washing machine, the water backs up into the bathtub.

    Today, I was doing some laundry, and realized that not only was water backing up into the tub, it was also leaking from the drainage hose at the washer onto the floor.

    Oy. Makes me wish they made 'wear and toss' clothes [can't you just see everybody running around in those paper doctor's office gowns?].

  5. Sorry about the machine, but you're definitely not alone about O'Reilly.

    How the hell do bogus guys like that get their own shows anyway? Gag me with a crowbar.

  6. All I can say to you is:
    Fisher and Paykel
    Try one
    you will be amazed
    kate p

  7. UGH on the washer. There are only 2 of us here, so I can only imagine what this must be like for you and a big family...in winter...

  8. Kate P--I don't know those names. They must be European. I'm trading in for a Maytag.

    And yeah, I kind of like laundromats. I've spent plenty of time in them staring at the driers. . .

  9. Ahh, Miskate, I feel your pain. (Although I do know how to get around the overloaded septic tank thing--my washer drains straight into the backyard, where my oak trees are very happy and healthy. Unlike the front yard ones, which are cursing this Texas drought.)

    Now, tell me if this is just me (and it very well could be), but does anyone else like to leave the washer open and watch the clothes churning around? It's sort of a Zen thing--blank mind, peaceful heart, or whatever. Churning clothes, soap bubbles, nice, rhythmic sound of the washer... okay, you don't have to tell me. I can already tell it's just me.

    At least you haven't yet been reduced to my lowest laundry moment: when I lived in San Diego, the little apt complex where I lived had 2 washers and 2 driers. Both washers went out of order (luckily, not with MY clothes in them). We were living on a Navy paycheck (low-rank enlisted) with 2 new kiddos, so I had no money for the laundromat, and we were new to the area, so I had no friends to mooch off of.

    So, I tossed all the clothes in the bathtub, filled it up with hot water, squirted some soap, and made like Lucy in the grape-squishing episode. Note to anyone who wants to try this--it takes FOREVER to rinse them out, and let's not even TALK about drying them. Oy.


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