SOTU? Will you watch?

I may force myself to watch the president at 9 pm. The good news is that it's on after bedtime for my bonzo #3 so I can play:

1. This drinking game

2. or maybe the Delay version of the drinking game.

(games mentioned on

I know there's a pool somewhere online for how many seconds into the speech the words 9/11 will be uttered. Right, found it here. Heh. Funny.

I wonder if there's one about how many times the phrase will be mentioned. Or how many times the word "terrorist" will be used.

If anyone knows any Democratic Rebuttal games, feel free to post them. I expect to be toasted, disgusted and/or bored by then. (note: if there isn't a Rebuttal Game, and you devise one, I don't think the words "Abramoff" or "scandal" uttered by any Democrat should rate a full glass of anything. You'd chug the whole bottle of whatever's in front of you within a couple of minutes.)


  1. We're boycotting. We'll find out what we need to know from the Daily Show tomorrow.

    BTW, my wife's reading your bodice-ripper. My son had a good laugh over, "His tongue traced her lips."

    I know, I know, you are not writing for an audience of 10-year-old boys.

    Or so you thought.

  2. I lasted through two standing ovations. I scared the dog when I screamed at the tv.

    I had to hide my author's copies of my books. My kids kept trying to read them. They usually make pukey sounds when they see romances (some of those covers--who can blame them).

    So which of my bodice rippers did you get? And how is Karen doing? Does she need a list of good books? I swear I read all genres.

  3. Doug, you should've done the drinking game Kate suggested. The speech got progressively better the more I imbibed.

    Of course, I may be puking up my toenails later, but I'll just consider that a delayed reaction to Bush's idiocy, not a genuine hangover.

  4. I boycotted the SOTU also. Managed to vaccum the house though. Hey, do you think we can get him to schedule more of these? Then my house would be all sparkly :)

    And my 11 yr old daughter just discovered my collection of romance novels. Erm. Yeah. Maybe a touch young?

  5. It's never too young for a girl to learn she will soon become drenched with passion, her nipples hard little buttons, yatta yatta yatta.

    Somebody Wonderful, Kate.

  6. I so didn't watch. Blech.

    Sorry - wish I could be more articulate, but we are talking about George Dubya Bush.



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