I blame bush

For Amy's morning head. Yeah, I suggested the drinking game, but she didn't really have to play it. And drinking every time he said terror? Bad idea.

Sorry, Aimless.


  1. Hic. Yeah, I can type now. I've sobered up a little bit.

    Kate now has far too much blackmail material on me.


  2. ... although I still can't feel my face.

  3. Hey! I just realized that all the cool people are on this blog. Kate! I'm so glad you and I become e-friends.

    When are we going to start our "William Hurt" fan blog? I don't expect it'll get a whole lot of traffic, but I'm sure it'll take only 3 hours a day to administer. (kidding, totally)

  4. Would she have gotten more F'd up if she had chosen 9/11 as the drinking term, I wonder?

    BTW, what were you guys drinking?

    And why, Kate, why are you doing searches on ear wax?

  5. Hahahahahaha. Gloat gloat gloat. Not hungover! I think that means I win. What'd I win, Kate?

  6. Yo Katie,

    Re: our conversation about prison guys earlier.

    I launched my new convict-hero Harlequin series on my blog today. Check it out


  7. I'm perfectly willing to ooo and ahhh over Hurt, but Raul Julia was also in that movie. . . .

  8. and Douglas? that was FRONT page news. Ear wax hits the big time (eewww)

    Okay Amy. Next RWA conference I owe you more wine. How's that for winning big?


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