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Smart bitch? No, not at the moment. I'm too fuzzy brained for that label. BUT I do know a lot of them and I'll yammer about a few, 'k?

First--a whinge. Summer's 2nd book has its first review: 3.5 stars at ecataromance. Excuse me. I get 5's there. Absolutely. I pay good money for those stars. That's a joke, okay? I don't bribe reviewers. (hey, I haven't figured out the appropriate sum yet.) The real complaint I'd have would be as a reader browsing the site. The reviewers there don't describe what put them off the book. The star rating might say pleh, but the review is always positive. (As a writer, my favorite aspect of the site is that the reviews are always positive.**)

Okay, back to smart bitches. Smart fan bitches. There are the originals, of course, Sarah and Candy.

I belong to reading lists devoted to specific authors and some of the people writing messages on those lists are funnier and more clever than the original author. Yes, Georgette Heyer is right up there, but seriously? Sherrie Holmes (you probably have never heard of her and she doesn't have a blog, curse her) or Stephen are just as good at playing with the English language. ****

Some Wodehousian fans who try to write like that author produce painful essays, but the ones who succeed are sublime. I read those notes and laugh. I read them, again, and laugh, again. Once, honest to God, I really did roll around on the floor gasping for breath. Really. Even the "pie-eyed Gussie Fink-Nottle handing out school awards at Market Snodsbury Grammar School" (Right Ho, Jeeves) scene isn't as good. Maybe the "Pat and Mike cross-talk act played as Russian tragedy" scene could compete (Mating Season).

There. Not a real essay or anything, just an observation. Those people should be in print, too. I want a collection of clever emails and posts written by authors' fans. It would be perfect bathroom reading.



**the review consists of description of plot followed by: Futurelove is a good book. The characters are interesting and Collins is certainly unlike any man readers will ever read about. [maybe that's code for unbelievable?] Candy [uh oh. I forgot the heroine was named Candy.] is trusting and very helpful, and the readers will find themselves laughing out loud at some of her antics. The love scenes are passionate and full of tension. Summer Devon has created a futuristic tale readers are sure not to forget.

**** Edith Layton's messages on one Heyer list (back when she posted) were as sharp as anything Heyer wrote. Annie Gracie's are great too--but those two don't count because they have books in print.


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