A Seller Speaks

Hey all you writers, she's only one bookseller--and not a bookstore owner at that--nevertheless, go ahead take note: Bookseller Chick does not like bookmarks. She does like some things and if you're wondering what they are, go ahead and check out her cool post.

I've done a long-winded bit about publicity before. A terribly valuable post. Terribly. Maybe I'll add this link to BSC to it.


  1. Sorry, Kate. Bookmarks are eeeeevil unless they are children's bookmarks. Kid's love bookmarks and they don't care if they don't have anything to do with the book they are getting. I'm not saying you shouldn't have them on hand for your actual signing to give to your fans, but don't send them to a bookstore unless you get a request.

  2. Oh, but, but, but I love bookmarks!

    That was a great post, bookseller chick.

  3. Yes! (sorry, moment of validation)


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