What's the next stage? Sorrow?

I don't know. I read this and if I knew how, I'd pray for the caregivers who had to make this choice. Dang, it sounds just like war.

I wonder why this made it into a British paper and not my local rag.


  1. Man just pick up People magazine. Depressing.

  2. Depressing... but I can totally understand the medical staff's decision, and (opening myself up for it here) I applaud it. It's cruel to leave the dying in agony, without electricity, in the dark, without AC or any type of human comfort. If I was in the position of those dying patients, I hope some compassionate doctor would help me to die in comfort and peace.

    Now everyone, yell at me and tell me I'm inhuman and cruel. I can take it... I think...

  3. I can understand it, too, Amy. Absolutely. I think they did what they knew was best for the suffering patients.

    But how horrible for them to have to make such a choice. I am glad I'll never to have to be in those shoes.

  4. and ferfe, explain why it was so depressing? the pictures? the stories? the bad reporting?


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