Today's Things To Do List

a Continue search for boy's missing shoes. They're less than a month old, and the only ones that fit him properly. They've been missing for nearly four days.

a Plan on going shoe shopping. Again.

a Write ten pages. Fall asleep at about page three. Blame medication and not rotten plot.

a Sleep too long and have to run (literally. . . good exercise!) to school to meet boy.

a Set up the tank for the frogs. The husband is bringing home 1-5 of them. We're not sure how many or what kind. "They're big ones. About the size of cupcakes" is our only description. Apparently live frogs only come in six packs, and the professor who ordered them only wanted one. No, I tell the husband. They are not going to live in our bedroom. Ha ha ha, I add because I want to assume he was joking.

a Raid the worm bin for food for the frogs. Yummy, yummy red wigglers. Decide that maybe buying crickets isn't such a bad idea.

a Do laundry so that the boy who had a growth spurt last week, and can only fit into two pairs of shorts, will be able to get dressed tomorrow. Will. Not. Buy. Shorts. In. September.

a Do more laundry, only this time check the pockets for candy. The Bosnians keep sneaking the boys ki ki candy.

a Go to the doctor to try out yet another type of high blood pressure medication.


  1. Sheesh, Kate. I'm already exhausted, and all I did was read your list! The best thing on my list today is to meet one of my CPs for lunch. Italian food. YUM!

    (Is there any place you actually *can* buy shorts in September?)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I would be happy to see pics of your "cupcake" frogs. I am going to do my Karnak impression now and predict that they will be either grass frogs or leaopard frogs, very common in science labs.


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