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Erika wrote: Hello Kate Rothwell, I was going to buy your books-you were a new to me author but I won't because your Howard(I hate Republicans-Republicans are Evil)Dean-DailyKos like comments have alienated me.


Okay, so there's one reader I lost. . .

But of course now I'm going to explain myself.

I don't hate Republicans. In general, I don't despise anyone. This enormous wrath is unusual for me. I certainly don't hate anyone because of their political beliefs. And I only feel rage about inaction or indifference or blindness (I don't think an opposing opinion is blindness. Only an opposing opinion that's not based on fact).

Know Brenda Coulter? I admire the heck out of that woman and I think we barely EVER agree on politics. She's smart and interesting. I love Jennsylvania, a Bushie--come to think of it, I ought to check in with her and see what she's saying--later: nothing much as it turns out. She's on a trip.

And come on, SandyO, here's your chance to show yourself. "So... See?" (Kate points at SandyO and then hauls out her neighbor Greg, another Republican**--grabbing him by his conservative tie and accidently scuffing his Gucci loafers) "Some of My Best Friends are Republicans."

It's just that this whole Katrina has me in a rage that has overflowed into occasional bitterness and also into someone I can barely recognise. . .and I'm not sure I want to let go of her or the anger. Being tenacious about this event seems too important to me and my country.

It is true, I like the Kos. Some of those people are nutcakes who only succeed in appalling or amusing me, but that's true of any political blog of any persuasion.

BTW, I'm grateful to Erika for giving her name. I think that's why I'd bother to answer--turns out anonymous hostile posts are more annoying than spam. I've deleted a couple of nasty ones for that reason.


** Actually I named a seedy character in my second book after Greg G. He thought it would amuse his insurance company coworkers. This area is filled with Republicans--insurance people are conservative. I'd be sort of lonely if I told them all to go to hell.


  1. Oh wow, thanks for responding. I do know a few authors that are left leaning and I do buy their books. These authors haven't used words on their message boards that have annoyed me to the point where I've said to myself that I'm crossing them off my must read list.
    And I had put Somebody to Love on my must buy list because the setting and the heroine. Hated to take it off.

  2. Do conservatives have to apologize and hide their views?

    I have been irritated by some posts (Holly and I disagree politically a bit) but that doesn't make me think less of her books or even her as a person. The same with Brenda Coulter. I believe that other people have the right to beliefs and views different than I have.

    But if certain readers want all to goosestep to their tune and are going to use the "I won't buy your books" threat to force an author to be silent about different views--how is that good?

  3. Geez, if you can't express your personal opinions on your own blog then I guess freedom of speech really is a thing of the past.

  4. I'm not sure how Erika got the impression that you hate Republicans and think they're evil.

    From this blog, I can tell you dislike Bush and this current administration quite intensely. And there's definitely no question you hate the way the Katrina aftermath has been handled.

    How does this translate into "hatred of all Republicans," though? Seems like an unlikely leap in logic to me.

    And for what it's worth, I know quite a few conservatives, including people who are registered Republicans, who dislike Bush and this current administration. Perhaps even more intensely than you do. My former boss, for one. And another dude I know who frequents the same political forums I--a man who thinks price-gouging during a disaster is just fine and dandy because it's a sign that market forces are working, and who thumps his Bible so hard and so often that it's a wonder its spine hasn't broken--is not at all fond of Bush either.

    Ah well. At least Erika has been honest enough to say this to your face and out loud.


    Candy the Christ-Hater

  5. Got busy for two days and now I'm way behind keeping up with y'all. Candy, I think I have an hour's worth of reading at your site.

    Kate, I admire your enormous restraint in your response to Erika. You've shown a lot more class than I would ever show.

    BTW, I'm soooo glad we didn't contribute to Red Cross. The more I hear/remember about their past exploits, the more steamed I become. We sent our money to the National Food Bank, who promised to direct 100% to the NOLA relief effort.

  6. An author has every right to be political just remember there might be a positive/negative reaction from readers. Perhaps it's all in how an author says what she/he says?
    And in all the years that I've visited author message boards and recently discovered author blogs I've never came across a Conservative or Republican or Libertarian Romance Author who's been open about their political opinions on their Blogs/MessageBoards.
    Ms Rothwell mentioned Brenda Coulter, I've only been aware of her thru RomancingtheBlog and I've never been at her website.
    By the way Candy, I visit/lurk your site daily because I happen to get a kick out of your snarky opinions even if I don't agree with them.

  7. I don't have any sense of real censorship.

    Anyone can say anything she wants--I dare someone to shut me up. (No, please, I really do. I'm tired.)

    Anyone can buy or not buy a book based on whatever they want. Don't like pink covers, don't like the author's politics, don't like man-titty. Whatever.

    Now when the government or some powerful entity (even a church) starts banning pink man-titty covers that's when I'll rant until I turn blue. And the author will be deeeelighted. Nothing like a ban to really sell books.

    This goes all sorts of ways if an author went on and on about feminazis and Rush is God at her website....
    1. if she was an author I didn't know, I probably wouldn't buy her books.
    2. If she was an author I couldn't live without (Orson Scott Card--my kids NEED his books for some reason) I'd by her books used. Bwhahahahahaha

    And hey, I did ASK the question. Erika merely answered it. The anonymous emails were.. were.. were ....well let's just say they didn't use "I" statements to express their anger.

  8. and Greg does NOT wear Guccis.

    Real Republicans buy based on quality, not name I hear. Cloth coats! (No, I'm not old enough to remember Pat Nixon's coat. My father made a career of loathing Nixon)

  9. my comma button isn't working right. Please insert commas where I thought I had.

    for example: ...based on quality, not name [comma] I hear.

  10. Oh, Erica. Why would you deny yourself a great read just because the author has opinions (as everyone concious on earth has opinions) and opens the floor for discussion. It's not as if she rants and then doesn't allow any dissent. Penalizing yourself and an author for engaging an audience in an effort to grow, understand, connect and move up a little on the intellectual food chain makes no sense to me. I don't boycott Brad's movies because he said he has a small penis on National TV. I can oogle other parts of his body. (In my head that makes sense and is somewhat realated to the point -- somehow.)

    If everyone agrees with everyone else on everything, I would be bored and no one wants to be around me when I'm bored. Bad things happen.

  11. I guess this is one of those times when you've just got to say "such is life". There are always going to be people who will cut off their nose to spite their face in an effort to make a point. It seems sad for them to miss out on reading a book that they'd more then likely enjoy, but hey, that's their choice.

    I say, keep speaking your mind Kate, don't let a few readers get you down.

  12. See, I think Erika's point is valid--or would be if I were hardcore. If there was any chance my politics showed up in my books (I don't think they do) then I can see why someone who was uncomfortable with my opinions would avoid my books. Especially if they're on the hunt for ROMANCES.

    I can only watch or read works by people like Ralph Reed or Ann Coulter when I'm in a particular mood--usually when I need my blood pressure raised. I sure don't want to deal with them when looking for escapist stuff.

    If Ann Coulter wrote a romance, I wouldn't be interested in reading it. Well, I would but only to make a really nasty blog post about it. And I'd buy it used.

    Heck I wish they WOULD write romances. Ralph, Ann, Michael Moore. OR maybe science fiction. That would be a great series, eh? Oh boy! I've changed my mind. I want the Pundits Playtime series and I want it now. Popular fiction by talking heads!

  13. All of the above constitutes the reason I avoid most inspies. I don't anyone trying to convert me, especially with escapist fiction.

    (I do flip through the ones by the people I know. And have actually enjoyed a couple of the less proselytizing ones.)

  14. I hate it when people stick their political views into fiction. But I'd read Anne Coulter if she wrote a damn good book and left her horrid lies out of it.


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