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I may not get tax deductions but I get pictures when I sent money to the blonde ones. How can she survive in a red state with those bumperstickers?

Did you all see this before the waters rose? I missed it. Rock, paper, Saddam!


  1. Signs Candy is losing it:

    Pictures of stacks of paper towels and Dawn washing liquid in the back of a crazy-ass blonde chick's truck is making me tear up and sniffle.

    Oooh, on sort of a related note: e-mailed HR this morning and got the company to do a matching donation thing AND a dry goods drive. I get to organize the drop-off location and wrangling volunteers to box the crap for shipping, woohoo!

  2. if you're feeling overwhelmed, the rock, paper saddam is just the thing. twisted and stupid and really, really funny.


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