more photos coming, but first . . .(Beth--stripy socks alert)

my brother sent me this:

Bush declaring "Obviously! A town built by the French!"

["New Orleans under water"]

from: Nouvel Observateur

I'm unloading the photos from the camera. Again.

First day of school pix!

(They wanted to express despair, happiness etc.)

School started September 1. Boy 3 wearing favorite tee-shirt. Oops. Unintentional tacky time. Can we see what it is?
And what's written there? (The back is covered with the same stylized skulls)


Okay, we come to the stripey socks, Beth.
CLICK on the photo to see it better. The pink in the real striped sox is more like peach (flesh tone). Those are the very vivid ones. Very. Vivid.

The green and red stripe ones are slightly larger than the other pairs. See anything you want? The yellow and white toothy striped ones have the same pattern all around. The black and tan ones (soft!) have two pattern. Most socks have one pattern on the bottom and another on the top.
There is also the big pair of tall socks that probably would fit my size ten tootsies--their picture is in the blog somewhere. You remember them? If you don't, you'll have to go through archives to find them because I have to go outside. It's gorgeous out there.


  1. I want the black-n-yellow toothy ones. I loke the shape of the black and tan - is that the same shape as the yellowteeth? I would totally want the crazy vivid 8-colored stripes, but I don't like the shape as much. And yet I want the crazy stripes. Hm.

    Okay, I DEFINITELY want the black and tan. And maybe the yellowteeth, pending a description of the shape. I mean I have short fat stubby size 8 feet and those look like they're made for slim size 10 fins, ya know?

    So to recap - I definitely want the black-n-tan, and it's a toss-up between the yellowteeth and the psychostripes.

  2. see the psychostripes (the ones in this photo, right) are no shape in particular until you get them on your feet.

    Send your snail mail addie to katerothwell at and I'll send all three (and then I'll send Guido after you to "help" you decide which you want)

  3. Kate:

    Your despair picture looks pretty much the way my six year-old has been acting about school. And size ten feet?!? I've met you, you're not that tall, that's just crazy!

  4. I'm 5'5" My feet are huge. I'm the shortest person in my immediate family -- my theory is I smoked cigars at an early age (very early age, since I can't remember doing this) and stunted my growth.


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