uh oh...they don't look so happy

One day in our care, and the Stupids plus Einstein are not looking so hot. We've added more water--there's a face cloth saturated with water, next to them, plus a dish of it in their aquarium. I think Mike got the water from the fish tank so it isn't tap water.

Despite the moisture, the guys are sluggish and not paying any attention to their worms (red wigglers, not earth worms). And when we come in the room, they don't go crazy the way they did when we got them.

Hey, why is one green and the others brown?

Anyone have any frog care advice?**


**My instinct is to let them loose near the creek or trade them in for a baby bunneeee, but no one around here has asked me.


  1. Frog care advice? ummmm...

    Get the legs now. They're better when fresh.

  2. Don't they like little fake rocks and leaves and...froggy type stuff? Moist, cool places to hide. Some bugs.

    (Since when do frogs eat worms?)

    I had a frog land on my foot once. I screamed like a girl and flung it so far Vinateri got worried. That's the extent of my frog knowledge.

  3. More thoughts on blaming the victims (I have no thougths on frogs). I'm trying to remember when Clinton was being challenged over Monica. The way I remember it, nobody jumped up and down and said what a great guy he was--not even the liberals. We said, what a jerk who can't keep his d**k in his pants. So, how come, when Bush hires a bunch of clowns to run vital organizations, nobody on the right can admit that he screwed up? We don't think we're perfect. How come they have to think he's perfect? Could it be that they, uh, can't admit a single mistake, just like Bush can't?
    --Who was it who said that there are none so blind as those who will not see?

  4. The way I remember it, nobody jumped up and down and said what a great guy he was-

    *raises hand*

    I did. Still do. But CNN doesn't do live remotes from my living room, so I don't think anybody heard me. *g*

    Lily pads, Kate. They like lily pads, don't they?

  5. I have the cutest little tree frog and he lives in an aquarium terrarium (that rymes!) that I put together for him with a plant saucer for the pond so I can take it out and clean it (as opposed to a complicated filter set-up). I used potting soil for Cacti (it seems to drain better) and planted some small plants and then covered where the plants are with moss. I also put some rocks and a lovely twisty piece of wood in it. The lid is a locking screen type for ventilation. We got it all at W*l-m*rt (except the frog, he came from my sister's porch) for about 25 $ for a 10 gal. set-up. Oh and I put activated charcoal in before the dirt to keep it from smelling. I feed him crickets from the pet store. His name is Inigo, yes, from the princess bride.

  6. Oh, one more thing, you were right not to use tap water (the clorine is bad for them) but the fish water might have bacteria they're not used to (not bad bacteria, just different, like Mexico). If you let tap water sit out for about 24 hours the clorine will dissipate and be fine for them. Good luck!

  7. Kate, my DH (who studied such things as frogs and spiders back in the day) says the temp is too low. They are cold blooded. Can you rig up a heat source - maybe a low wattage light bulb?

  8. Thanks for the advice guys. My dh went to Carolina, the scientific supply place that sold them, and found out that these are "jumbo frogs"


    There are pages of information about how to care for the various critters they sell, but nothing about these frogs--not a peep [frog joke] about what kind they are.

    A frog expert said they look like leopard frogs...

  9. get the legs while they're fresh
    oh, and amy? You're sick. [snort]

  10. I found an article related to frog farming which has some pertinant details about habitat if that helps.

    It's Here

  11. Hi Kate. Sorry it took me a while to read this post!

    These look like leopard frogs to me -- Rana pipiens. Here's one link. More to the point, Here's a care sheet. That should answer all of your questions.

    Kindest thing would be to release them near a local pond or stream. If that's not an option, you'll need a big aquarium for this many frogs.

  12. I concur with Doug these are Rana pipiens (leopard frogs). You need to have a place where they can hide,they may be stressed. Fill the terrarium with a layer of sand 1" and then rock 1" and then soil 2" and some plants, pothos or ferns work well. You can get both of those indoor plants at any store, even walmart. Pothos is the vine like plant that is sold everywhere. Don't use soil with any additives and try to get it with little or no perlite(the white chunks)Then add a dish big enough for two of them to fit into add fresh water to this. You can use tap water and let it sit out at night as someone else said or add a drop or to of Chlor-out to dechlorintate it. Then get crickets from the pet store. They are sight motivated hunters and need to see the crickets move. You can also train them to accept crickets from your hand. This helps to ensure they each get enough to eat. They don't need much in the way of light or heat. Keep the temps between 55- 60F at night 70 75 - 80F during the day. I would give them a day in their new habitat, make sure they have soil to burrow into and a log or two to hide under. Add crickets ( about 3-5 per frog) and do this abot 3 - 4 times per week. They should perk up just fine.

  13. BTW, one is greener than the others because they will all have some color variation. But, frogs tend to darken up when stressed. The greener one is probably more dominate over the others. You may find that all four will not do well in the tank. They need space to get away from each other. In a 20 gallon tank I would probably keep four of them and see how it goes. You may only want to keep two of them and find a home for the other two.

  14. Thanks, Rae. One more thought: rinse the foliage on the plants you get from the store. Some places use insecticide, which might be harmful to your frogs. I've heard of folks killing off their PDFs (poison dart frogs) that way.

  15. oh, and amy? You're sick. [snort]

    Kate, you say that like it's news. Is this your first day? [doublesnort]


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