And now for something. . . .

I am 18.75 hedgehogs tall OR 2.13 penguins OR 28.88 eggcups OR .31 giraffes high. How many hedghogs, ants or toilet paper rolls are you?


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

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  2. Time to adjust your settings to enable that spam-blocking feature (where folks have to type nonsense words to post).

    I'm 200 baked beans tall. And, thanks to the joys of sugar substitutes, I smell like it too.

  3. That was a relatively benign spam and it did have an interesting link giving information about the flood

    still spam is spam. And the connection to advertising and tragedy is just too rotten. Kind of like the CNN Your Hurricane Headquarters. . . the whole kicky graphics and cute titles thing is slick and nasty.

  4. The flood makes me so angry at the government I haven't trusted myself to blog about it. I feel horrible about the whole thing. Just seems like the governments (local on up to federal) don't give a damn about the poor.

    Now the feds have apportioned a chunk of money for the relief, and all I can think is, how much of it will actually go to the relief, and how much will get stolen by interest groups, contractors snapping up contracts noncompetitively, etc.?

    Anyway, yeah, you put words to what I was feeling (re that spam). It seemed like the spammer was taking advantage of the tragedy.

  5. Okay, I’m 17,100 printed pages of inkjet paper high. And, um, speaking of “high” Kate…what have you been up to, my dear? And are you sharing? LOL A most intriguing and unusual post, indeed. ;-)

    Please stop by my blog when you get a chance, Kate, and read my Best & Worst Advice for Writers article. I’d really love to have you share your advice for aspiring writers!


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