but one more thing Really. THE LAST ONE

If I hear the phrase "blame game" one more time, I'm gonna barf. And, as someone somewhere pointed out, hurricane season isn't over yet. There has to be a thorough understanding of what happened ASAP before another one hits. Did you know that TWO DAYS after Pearl Harbor, a commission was set up to investigate the attack? I didn't.

And I admit I'm a hypocrit: I wish Clinton was the one to conduct his own investigation into Monica-gate** but I don't trust Bush to conduct a fair and thorough investigation into Katrina. I haven't seen proof that:

1. His administration can find its butt with both hands.
2. The civilians at risk rate higher than his own reputation.


**Come to think of it, I don't. That guy, bless his heart, is a schmuck.


  1. Just realized I can't come up with a single Clinton joke that doesn't involve damp cigars.

    But oh, Kate, think of the relative scale of Clinton's sexual romps vs. Bush's mass murderous romps.


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