still alive

here're reasons I feel gratitude:

1. we didn't do our sick act the night before last
2. we didn't do our sick act in New Orleans on Sept 1. I thought about how nice it was to have clean running water and paper towels (and a place to dump them) several times last night. **

3. My boys made me great cards.
A combo effort from boys 1 and 2:
Three Hundred Things We Love You More Than--with attached list that I wish I could copy and I might some day.

and from boy three a heart and the words:
Even if you die
your kindns
lives on in our
body mind and

I do wish they'd let me sleep past 7. I didn't get to sleep til 3:30 (and I wish that boy three hadn't inherited my spelling skills--it's clearer every day he has)

and later? I'm adding:

4. My long lost twin Doug's great list and his birthday images. Especially Ann. thank you, Doug. It fits perfectly. Too bad about the hobbity babies but I'm not doing Electra or whoever--even for you.


** Boys must find rugs or bedding on which to be sick. Bare floor? No. Toilet? Pshaw. In your dreams.


  1. Glad you're not spewing chow. I hope the kids feel better -- sounds like you have a fine trio.

    My boy built me something out of Legos, I know that much. He built me a Lego paper clip holder for work one year, and I still use that.

    Hmm. How to top Ann Coulter . . .

    Gah. What an unfortunate choice of words!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kate! Yay for you, I hope things are less gurpy today.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kate. Your youngest son's writing is marvelous - spelling and all.


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