I'm STILL not shutting up

another update: Okay, another reason I can stop and eat cake: these women have it covered.
AND I did a bit more digging about the Gore "event" (I'm now registered with about a thousand newspaper websites all over the country) You can see details about it in the entry below this one.

Damn I wish that man was our president. Do you suppose this will show up in the big media?

Alaskan Pete from a comment board:

They claim on one hand. "This is the worst natural disaster to hit our country, on a scale we've never seen"

and the conclusion?

"The city and state should have been able to handle it".

One or the other wingnuts, you can't have both.

Later on: I can do it now, shut down the needless yammering. I read this blog and felt much better.

I'm baking a cake for a party we're going to in a couple of hours. I've given permission to my family to slap me longside the head if I start to Go On About It Again. I'm counting on my friend L to talk about shaving fabric and lizard health conditions to pull me back to the world I occupy. Phew.


  1. You mean the cartoon with Skelator? that was just damned funny.


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