Bosnian Crafts AGAIN

Okay, I did what the pros suggested. I borrowed a pretty good camera. I spread out a sheet. (Not white. We don't have any white ones)

And the colors still aren't right. GRRRRRR. The inside photo with Alex holding the rug is closer to the true values of rug B, BR.

The rugs all look somber in the photos. They're not. That blue is SKY blue. The dark rose is pretty dang rosey.

Hell. I give up.

You can go see the rugs and purses at flickr. I hope. I'm doing the socks another day because I'm sick of this.

Prices for the purses are about $12 or $15. The rugs start at $15 for the little square guys. and go up to $85 for the more intricate ones.


  1. Kate those are GORGEOUS!!!! I missed something somewehre, did you make these?

  2. not even a little bit. They're all made by the refugees I work with. If you click on the flickr account, you'll see one of the women who makes them.


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