Uh oh. The other one is now posted.

My crit for the Larissa fund is now up. That's only 99 cents, thank goodness--in case I have to bid on it for dignity's sake. I'd beg you guys to bid, but I've already done that once this week. Thanks, by the way.

I bid on a Teresa Bodwell book, but skipped the lunch with Julia Quinn. I wonder if Julia feels any kind of pressure when she sees someone's paying more than five hundred to eat with her. I mean for that kind of price she better scintillate like crazy, right? I'd be studying joke books just to make sure I had material to break awkward silences.

What's a cow's favorite place to go?
the moooooseum.

What kind of mouse doesn't eat cheese?
a computer mouse

(actual popsicle stick jokes)


  1. Are there other forums/blogs that are more specific for this topic? I have not found one.


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