Publicity Photos For Peace

I did the Studio 16 thing the summer before last. For some reason I thought it would Enhance My Professional Image. Heh. Little did I know I'd be trashing that great image by getting all outraged and political in my Public Communications.

It did give me something to upload in place of myself this weekend--because I'm not going to D.C. for the big Sept 24 peace rally. Even if you don't have a glam picture of any kind, you can sign the photo petition. Here's what it says:

"Dear Representative,
It's clear that this war in Iraq is a mistake. A majority of America now agrees that we need to bring our troops home. While people of good faith can disagree on exactly how to do it, our leaders must begin to develop a real plan. I urge you to publicly support a concrete timeline for bringing our troops home."

I put in a bit about how I don't want my grandchildren paying for war and other disasters in our time. blahblahblah. Always sound more American to rant as a tax-payer. Ms. Jane Q Public.

I hope they paste my photo onto a papersack so my mouth moves when you waggle the bottom of the sack--ever seen those cute lil things kids make in preschool? Kind of like sock puppets but cheaper. Yes! I wanna be a puppet of the left!


  1. Done and done. Neat idea!

  2. I did it, too. Thanks, Kate.

  3. Here's hoping my face becomes a puppet for the left too!


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