Ahhhhhh....thank you, Doug, for the which-would-you-screw pairs. I can't comment yet because I have to think about my choices carefully. Abbott or Costello? Chip or Dale?

I think he should have made it easier. Herman Munster or Gomez Addams? (I dunno though. They each have their own appeal.) OR which of the two Darrens? (Answer: neither. I'm not bi, but I'd much rather have had Endora.)

I'm going to work any second now. Only three hours of hunting news stories. Heh, not bad.

And my agent, bless her, has given me a homework assigment. Someone had to drop-kick me back into a life.


  1. Gomez Addams. Jeeeez, do you have to even ask?

    I hated both Darrens, but I hated Dick York the most. He had the least dignity. Endora reminded me far too much of my evil grandmother, but Samantha . . . ooh, Samantha. I remember in 1st or 2nd grade, one day I stayed home with a cold, and fell in love with Samantha while watching Bewitched reruns. Like all my loves, a sliver of that survived, and when Liz Montgomery died, it choked me up.

    Okay, I don't wanna be a buzz kill. See ya!

  2. Doug,

    Maybe it's not all about sex--how about Bob Denver's death? Did that choke you up? It didn't get to me probably because I thought he'd already died.


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