Damn. The more I read. . .

No, I never thought action heroes a la Jeff Goldblum and Wesley Snipes were gonna come in and rescue us. Obviously rescuers in an event of this magnitude are going to encounter insoluable problems. But. . .The more I read the angrier I get. Useless stupid anger, but I feel like a traitor to the people who are suffering if I don't try to find out as much as I can and say it again and again.

Mistakes have been made. And we know who the hell made them. I didn't expect Jeff Goldblum, but I hoped for better than Daffy Duck.

Douglas's link to this guy's rant helps. George Bush's ineptitude has killed far more Americans than Osama could have dreamed of.

Sure it's time to do all we can. First things first--deal with the survivors. But at the same time I can't understand why anyone would want us to shut up about the facts that are glaringly obvious. As the bumpersticker says, if you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

Just this one little link, courtesy of cece, should raise that blood pressure.


  1. You're feeling it too, I'm sure. We've donated. We've griped and ranted. And we're still wondering, what can we do?

    I hate this feeling. And I can't stop thinking about Charity Hospital.


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