refugee helping evacuee

Hurija wanted to know if the people in the flood wanted slipper socks. She's making some especially for them.

Which reminds me, Beth. I have a few more stripey pairs. The stripes are ....vivid, however.


Three years old again, or, It is TOO all about me.

I was lying in bed last night and realized that I've been worried--if I stop fretting and raging, it's a sign that everyone else has, too. The people who need to be watched will get off the hook; another disaster might occur.

I've spent a lot of my life believing that other people will do the fighting and I could remain happily....not indifferent... but not activist. It's startling to see how wrong that is. On the other hand, I'm teetering close to the crazy edge of magical thinking (that I can control the world with my thoughts). That's supposed to end at about age seven, right?

If I'm going to operate like a child, I ought to track down my friend the child psychologist for some colorful blocks or quacking exercises.

UPDATE: When newspapers print editorials like this one in the Minneappolis Star-Tribune

" . . .No state, no locality can take the lead in dealing with an emergency like Katrina. That's why FEMA was created. That is why Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco declared a state of emergency on Friday, Aug. 26, when Katrina was a Category 2 hurricane. It is why the Gulf Coast states requested help from the Pentagon that same day.

Exactly what went wrong, in both the planning and the response, must be assessed in short order. The ability of the United States to prepare for and respond to disaster -- whatever the origin -- is vital to its security. No less, it is critical to America's ability to honor its shared values, which include attending to the poor, the sick, the vulnerable -- the very people who suffered most from the government's incompetence last week. Yet the White House delays the reckoning while pointing fingers at others.

Incompetence is bad enough; not taking responsibility for it is shameful. Blaming it on others is a national disgrace."

I feel better.

Someone's watching so I can go write my happy escapist fiction.

Except now the military has ordered the media out of New Orleans. Hmmm. And there're no attempts to estimate body counts? Don't TPTB ALWAYS put out some sort of estimate? Post-tsunami I remember all sorts of numbers flying around.


  1. Don't TPTB ALWAYS put out some sort of estimate? Post-tsunami I remember all sorts of numbers flying around.

    You know, I found that odd, too. They got a number in the low 100 range from Mississippi and have stuck with it for days--and today I heard about 120 people recovered from a nursing home, 30 from another nursing home, bodies all over rooftops and in the streets... surely they can make a guesstimate?

  2. the more vivid, the better. YAY STRIPES.


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