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After you read Larissa's post, then go to this site. http://www.romaid.net/

I might bid on Gina Bernal's critique. I once got a lovely personal rejection** from her. No, wait, I'll anonymously bid on my own critique. It looks so pathetic when no one wants you to crit their work.



The hurricane victims on TV are still expressing emotion. You can see their faces are still capable of registering pain. The situation will hit bottom when they get what we call the Refugee Stare. Grownups get it first: the utterly blank expression. When kids and toddlers wear that look--no matter what anyone says or does to them--that's when it's heartbreaking and you go into the bathroom to cry.

The green guy in this mural has that look. (That mural is on the stairwell as you enter the headquarters of CC for Refugees in Hartford. I haven't been in the main building for almost a year. I haven't missed the green guy. At all.)


**I get the nicest rejections. No, seriously, I do.


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  2. Wow, I am guessing that is some seriously skilled spam. He KNOWS that everyone is blogging about Katrina. . . hey, not as ickety as the rip off artists setting up sites faster'n sheep.


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