I'm not a nurse or a doctor or a soldier or a cop or a firefighter

or a billionaire.
What can I do?

Hey, I have skills. I can give people SHIT ABOUT THEIR WRITING! And I've figured out how I can help Katrina victims with this amazing, life-saving skill.

I think I'm going to adopt the Monica Jackson method, pick your favorite style of critiquing. Her critique is going for big bucks.

Can you say overexposure? Because sometime this week another auction is going to show up with a critique from me. Here's the first. It's being run by Amy. You can find my print books at this auction too.

It's for a good cause, benefitting author Inga Mahn, who lost almost everything in the flood (she saved kids, pets and computer).

I'm not too proud to use pathos and, after months of running contests, I know how.

Think Jerry Lewis at the end of one of those telethons, back when he had what it took. Tears, trembling hands, big white handkerchief.

It's painful for all of us.

Please, don't make me look bad. Bid on this. Or this. Or this.


  1. Good on ya! You bestselling author you. I didn't realize you and Monica were such big names, ignorant turd that I am. I'll have to show more respect around here ;o)

  2. uh oh. Best-selling? Uh oh. AAAAAAMMMMYYY.

    Monica is a big name, yes.
    I'm not.

    Why do you think I'm so worried about this bidding crap? You don't see Jennifer Crusie worrying about people bidding on her contest.

  3. Whoops, I must've misspelled that. I thought you were best-SMELLING. Didn't you take a bath this year? (okay, okay, I'll fix it...)

  4. At least you're a name. I'm only a name in my critique group and some days I fear that name isn't too pleasant. ;)

  5. And let's hear it for eBay!!! (Miskate, I can't find the really goddamn pissed off smiley. Where is it?)

    They just decided that the auctions violate their charity terms and conditions, cancelled all the bids, and took 'em offline. I emailed them to ask how I could get them back online, but within the guidelines this time--expect to wait 24-48 hours for a reply, it says.

    I'll keep you update. Let's hear it for capitalism and the litiginous American society!

  6. I would bid on the books but, ya know, I already have autographed copies of both *wink*

  7. Okay. Ebay bullshit fixed. You might need to update some of your links, but it's going again.

  8. Phew.

    Joely Sue and Barbara, I love you.


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