All dressed up and nowhere to go

Hot nookie follows. Then they run. Then they nook some more. Nook, nook,
nook. Run some more. Nook. Revelations happen. Nook. Oh, hey, HEA

--Smart Bitches Trashy Books review.

Candy reviewed my ebook and I don't have to do any kind of visualization. Damn! I was geared up and ready to be Mature and Forgiving (I have great role models from SBTB), and the bitch goes and gives me a good review.

Phew. I can breathe again.

This amiable schtick isn't all my fault, Kate whines.

For instance . . . my second book Somebody to Love. I tried to make the hero a rat-bastard, but my editor said he was too cold and even borderline psycho. I had to rewrite him from scratch. If anyone thinks Griffin is too nice, it's not entirely my doing.

Buck Passing...Not just for politicians anymore.


  1. Yay! You survived the Smart Bitches! Nicely done. Now go have a drink or three to celebrate.

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    *snicker* so you were robbed of your borderline psycho and now you'll be known forever as that sweet girl who writes NICE people! Bwhahaha!

    Excellent review, I saw it earlier today. Hurrah for you! Charlene

  3. WooHoo! Smart Bitches obviously know a good thing when they read it. Congrats on the REALLY good review!

  4. Kate, what a wonderful premise. You're brilliant.

    I left a comment over at the Bitches. Check it out next time you're there.

  5. I'm sorry Kate, but do write nice characters. And we like you because of that.

  6. grrr Nicole. GRRRRR....


    Scared yet?

    and Doug--I'm planning on reading about your swimming rats.

  7. *picturing Kate as a yappy little dog*

    Nope, not yet.

  8. I know another author (friend of mine) who was told by her editor that her heros was too mean and to change him. Does this happen often?

  9. Crud -- typo hell today.

  10. I'm still waiting for Somebody To Love to arrive, damn it! *g*

    By the way, do you think Blogger will come up with verification words that you can actually read?

    I'll posting this again!

  11. Ferfe, I bet it depends on the editor. Hilary Sares said she likes warm-blooded men. Griffen was too cold.

    I like the word ones too. These are boring and I wish I could pick the ID confirmers. I wonder if Candy and Sarah at SBTB get to pick their words. I've had some real bizarre ones over there.


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