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Mr. Tobias pointed it out, actually. All the newpaper front pages in a fun interactive sort of a page.
Hundreds Of Them. 47 Countries, 490 front pages. Wow.

LATER: found via Elsewhere. Yes, it is Katrina. But it's someone who's there and not just an armchair ranter like me. Elsewhere has other links but I have to run a kid off to something so I can't explore Dr Laura's Worst Nightmare again. She's the business, but there are too many good blogs, too little time.

Here's a bit from one entry from badgerbag (of course I pick one that's slightly about the government. Figures. At least I didn't pick the one about leadership.).

that fema office upstairs in the dome

You know, all last week i was sending people up to the FEMA office in 457. I never managed to get up there myself. But I was told they were registering people to get their FEMA numbers (which you need to do anything else significant...).

You know what that office is? Mark tells me they are 20 or so people at phones. They sit dialing the 800 FEMA number over and over until they get past the busy signal and get through and then they raise a hand for an evacuee to come over and do their own phone registration. Often by the time the evacuee who's been waiting in line gets to the phone, FEMA has hung up.

During part of the process the person often has to fax some kind of documents to FEMA. But, the FEMA office does not have a fax machine. They've been there over a week, and they don't have a fax! Or a computer! The FEMA employees up there are crying, they're enraged, they're pounding their fists on the desk, they don't know what to do. They're not supposed to leave their positions.

Read more Badgerbag: Messy, Surly, Full of Books.


  1. Not only can she write well, she's cute, too.

    Ugh. I'm in that kind of mood.

  2. but aren't you always?


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