what I want and don't want SBD

What I want right now is a Mrs. Pargeter mystery by Simon Brett, but the man seems to have stopped writing them. Fethering is fine, but I adore Mrs. P.

A previously undiscovered Austen manuscript would be nice.

Another Terry Pratchett would be just fine.

Got anything sort of fluffy to recommend? Romance, mystery, fantasy, plain old fiction is fine. I'm done with thrillers and women's fiction at the moment. No group of friends coping with divorce, infertility, ticking biological clocks, cancer or adulterous husbands no matter how wry or heartwarming the POV. Also three generations of women? Not at the moment, thank you.

Maybe I'll go browsing through gutenberg.org for some more obscure 19th century melodramas. The Jack London one about the fighter was okay. Anything by Helen Beecher Long has odious writing--she's the female Horatio Alger when it comes to writing ability or subtlety (ie none of either). Still, gotta love the glimpse of another world's sensibilities.

A bunch of the books I read as a kid came from that time. Five Little Peppers series, Nobody's Boy, Nobody's Girl, all those Louisa May Alcott books, Frances Hodgson Burnett (the first book I sat and read way past was Little Princess) All of a Kind Family (which in this bookshelf of drealy writing, I think might have been pretty good. I might still love those books)

What a bunch of moralizing texts. Makes me wonder if my kids are missing out because no way in the world would I insist they read that pap. My parents didn't insist, ever. I was just drawn to crap. My aunt had a huge collection of Horatio Alger and I read every single one of them. When I was a kid I'd read A N Y T H I N G. Come to think of it, I still do.

The text I'm using most often from gutenberg is this one. That's mostly for the book I'm writing with Bonnie Dee. I'm pretty stoked about getting to work with her, in case you were wondering. It's a great time, even if she keeps putting in really awful jokes.

I'm also slowly slogging through my Nellie Bly book. Absolutely no sex in that thing and not even any tension which means, oh boy, another unsellable historical romance from me. That makes.....a bunch

Just to keep up with the two books eras, I'm also rererereading bits of this book. Amazing how facts are like rubber now that the little grey cells smoothing out. Not sticking worth a damn.


  1. Trust me on this. Go to Harl and download Kelly Hunter's Bedded for Diamonds. Yes, it's a craptastic title and in the Presents line but the title has nothing to do with the book and it sure doesn't belong in Presents. No billionaires, tycoons, secret babies or mistresses anywhere.

    Its a damn fine book, with two very warm and real characters: a taxi-driving jewelry designer and an interpol cop who head into regional Australia to buy gemstones. There's a lot of humour in the writing, but it enriches the characterisation rather than detracting from it, and the book is emotional, too. Read it. You'll feel good all the way through it, and at the end. It's how contemporary romance should be.

  2. RIght. I have my credit card and will go buy ASAP, operating under the proven philosophy that when Bron speaks, readers should listen.

  3. I just got sucked in by the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) and finally came up for air after finishing Turn Coat. Fabulous series, I think you will like it. Very fun.

    Or you could get a sneak peak at my Dec. book. : D

  4. A sneak peak? Can I BUY it early? Really?

  5. because I say yes, please.


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