a three rejection day

No seriously, I think this is a new record. Three in one day. All three editors clearly took the time to read and remark, and that's nice. And also I've decided that there are worse things than rejections...


God, how I hate silence (see about a thousand rants in the past) because with total silence it's as if you don't even exist in the editors' eyes. You're not worthy of notice in any way shape or form.

So yeah.

At least one of the rejections is about 6 months overdue and I'd decided I was getting the silence response. That mean getting that gee, like your voice, don't think this works for me note is actually an upbeat event. I'm sorta depressed but at least I exist.


  1. I'm in a big black hole right now, lol. everything I send out just disappears. I've been waiting for ages for a reply from 1 agent, 1 editor, 1 publisher.
    So yeah, silence sucks.
    *turning the volume up on Cold Play*

  2. Worse than silence and worse than rejection would have to be the shame you suffer when you're a wimp.

    That's right. I need to put my big girl pants on and actually SUBMIT to an editor or agent.

  3. Sam and YOU with your original zombies. Stupid people shouldn't ignore you. No, no, no.

    and yeah, you go, Kate. GO ON. The worst that happens? A form rejection or silence. Really, not such a big deal,compared to not chasing the fun game of publication.


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