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Instead of writing this morning, I watched Theory of Flight. What did I think of it?

No really, I wish you'd tell me because I don't know. I looked at reviews to see if I agreed with them. They're a mixed bag, although we all agree on one thing--we sort of admire Bonham Carter's acting as a woman trapped in a wheelchair, even as we think the performance has too obviously got oscar stamped all over it. (I should look to see if it did get anything. I'd never heard of the movie. Despite the big names, it feels like a small sort of a movie which I usually love to bits. Teeny tiny bits.)

I resented the feel-good attempt to inspire at the end. Other than that, I didn't have strong feelings except I wanted to know wtf the hero was supposed to do with himself after the heroine pops off. I think the Bonham Carter character's feisty pursuit of life until she was 6' under was supposed to wake him up, but to what?

No, this depressive response isn't just brought to you by days of rain and a couple more rejections. It's the movie's fault too. I couldn't gauge its mood--were we supposed to care about these people? laugh at his efforts to recreate flight?--and then, when I figured out I was supposed to be moved by it, it was done. I think they edited out too much back story or maybe didn't put in enough front story. Or something. Maybe I'm too used to having story spoonfed to me.

UPDATE: When I looked up reviews I found this one and now I want to see Dance Me To My Song. Have you?


  1. Saw that movie a while back. Sort of liked it but it wasn't a keeper. I'll tell you a movie about a wheelchair bound young man with MS which is absolutely fantastic. It stars James McAvoy and it's called Rory O'Shea was Here. I watch this one over and over. Here's your link to it at Amazon

  2. Oh well. James McAvoy is a good enough reason to watch.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I hardly ever go to the movies - a shame, because I usually like everything I see (easy to please, lol)

  4. Much more important question is, how's the Star Trek movie? I'm stuck on call, I won't be able to see it until next weekend!


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