I wish I could post my mother's day slide show from Alex. It's the business. Kid is so funny I could just squeeeeeeeeeeze him until his innards came out.

I think we'll forgo my usual mother's day tradition (everyone cleans the house without complaining or whining--no, I mean it. Not a word of complaint) to go see Star Trek and eat Indian food thanks to Kelsey's family.

I keep reading books with a group of women who've been friends since college and who go out drinking every week. Does anyone really get to do that any more? Live in the same town as the people they loved when they were young and stay connected with them? I'm jealous in a big way.

I need to read a book about a reclusive curmudgeon who finds relative contentment on the computer.

Also in my reading plans: No. More. Brockmann....because I think I've read nearly all of them. I'm over people who talk about their relationships when the bad guys are shooting at them. Although I suppose reading about people who say "shit shit shit oh damn! Damn!Shit!" is less interesting than, "why haven't you ever admitted you love me?"

And don't tell me it's a female writer thing (like someone was kvetching about somewhere on Amazon) Pick up that latest Spenser book.

And now, for mother's day, I promise myself and both my readers no more whinging.


  1. I've been reconnecting with people from my youth. Just a few, but they were important to me. And they've turned into neat people. The internet is wonderful that way. Yeah, I wish I could hang out with them in person, but isn't this the next best thing?


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