I'm buying an ad in RT

I'm part of a group ad in September. I know, I know. Stupid for an ebook and except for my first book which got a TOP CHOICE WOOT YOU ROCK KATE! review, I've gotten mostly 3 stars and "meh"

What's worse I have to supply a picture because I don't have a cover yet. So I'm going through my picture files for one. Hmmm.

Popular substitutes for covers are pictures of the writer.

here's one.

But actually? I like other author pictures better. I wonder if Amie Stuart would mind if I plopped her face in that place.

Too bad it's not a world-building paranormal book. This might

It's the first book I really did dedicate to Mike so maybe a picture of him.

Eh, I'll probably just go for this four-year-old touched up glam picture of me. Sure I'll look like an egomanical Author. Works for me.


  1. Go for it! Show the Romance Hair!

  2. hahaha...what about a cartoon rendering of you?

  3. Oh yeah. That's the slogan for the ad right there.

    Kate Rothwell: A Genuine Romance Hair Author(ess)

    Kate Rothwell = The Right Hair for The Job
    or just
    Kate Rothwell, her hair's more romance author-y than yours

    (or was. Now it's short and has some grey creeping in)

  4. You draw a cartoon, Amie, and I'll use it. Or a good slogan/logo thing.

  5. Hair's lookin' at you kid.

    Well, what did you expect? I'm tired and just got back from work. Ugh. This recession better be over quick. I am not made for working in an office.

  6. Nothing wrong with that pic at all - I didnt shudder or anything -teehee


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