Having The Hair

here's the ad, or a version of it. I think I probably will regret not going with Doug's offer of his Hairy Leg Man shot. If I could pretend to be Erin O'Brien I'd probably steal the original of that pose.

Good thing I don't have to reveal the fact that I was a RT finalist Five Freaking YEARS ago. Holy Jesus, time is a fast-moving bitch.


  1. Ooh, I like the ad. I like the title, too!

  2. Very nice, Kate! And yeah, time does fly.

  3. Is that your title for the Moneybags story? Great! I love this story. People should discover it.

  4. Not my title since I so badly suck at titles. I think My EC/C editor came up with it.

    But yeah, that's the story. Thanks for the note of encouragement--I hope its format isn't too weird for people.


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